Age or sunspots are changes in skin colour associated with older skin. They’re harmless flat brown discolorations which usually appear on the backs of the hands, neck and face and are a sign of over exposure to sunlight.


A fine probe is used to gently lift and remove the top layer of the effected pigmented skin only, revealing the clear, non-pigmented skin below.


Healing crusts will form on the area of treatment which will naturally fall away over the next few days as your own individual healing process takes place. The newly developed skin will initially appear pink or paler than the surrounding skin but overtime will normalise.Aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.


This condition is caused by a build-up of yellowish fat cell ( lipo proteins/cholesterol ) deposits underneath the skin around the eyes. If you have these it’s worth getting your cholesterol checked although they can occur without this and often run in families.
Treatment with electrolysis can visibly reduce the raised appearance which also reduces the colour. The advantage of treating these blemishes is that the process is very safe and accurate as only the affected area needs to be touched and gradual improvement gained, thus reducing the possibilities for marking the skin that other methods might incur or that are not recommended around the eye. However, newly formed skin will generally have a pink healthy look and in time this will settle down. Although the exact results cannot be guaranteed and the underlying cause needs to be addressed or they can grow back in some people.

A small needle will touch the surface of the skin, gentle heat energy is released and a slight stinging sensation will be experienced. It will form a scab and reduce in size. The creamy yellow coloured blemish usually responds to treatment although subsequent treatments may be needed.

A crust will appear on the area and fall away naturally over the next few days. The blemish is considerably reduced in size and therefore easily camouflaged.
Strict aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.