Age or sunspots are changes in skin colour associated with older skin. They’re harmless flat brown discolorations which usually appear on the backs of the hands, neck and face and are a sign of over exposure to sunlight.


A fine probe is used to gently lift and remove the top layer of the effected pigmented skin only, revealing the clear, non-pigmented skin below.


Healing crusts will form on the area of treatment which will naturally fall away over the next few days as your own individual healing process takes place. The newly developed skin will initially appear pink or paler than the surrounding skin but overtime will normalise.Aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.

Facial Thread Veins, Spider Veins, Blood Spots

These are all vascular (blood) blemishes and permanently dilated.
Red veins (Telangiectasia) appear as small red lines and could be a result of over exposure to extreme temperatures, smoking, poor skincare, and many other causes.
Blood spots (Cherry Angiomata) are red round lumps which may be caused by medication, injury, pregnancy, and can appear after a general anaesthetic. 
Spider veins (Spider Naevus) have a central red spot with red lines leading from them like the legs of a spider, they can be hereditary and can also be caused by damage or injury to the skin such as squeezing a spot.

These are removed by electrolysis. The tip of the finest probe, about the size of an eyelash is placed along the line of the capillary and heat energy is discharged to seal off the tiny blood vessel. This results in the capillary drying up and disappearing. Further treatments may be necessary, how many treatments and how often will be discussed at the consultation

Strict aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.
The area will be red with tiny pin dot crusts that may appear and feel as roughness on the skin. This will settle down and disappear completely over the next few days depending on the individuals own healing rate.