Age or sunspots are changes in skin colour associated with older skin. They’re harmless flat brown discolorations which usually appear on the backs of the hands, neck and face and are a sign of over exposure to sunlight.


A fine probe is used to gently lift and remove the top layer of the effected pigmented skin only, revealing the clear, non-pigmented skin below.


Healing crusts will form on the area of treatment which will naturally fall away over the next few days as your own individual healing process takes place. The newly developed skin will initially appear pink or paler than the surrounding skin but overtime will normalise.Aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.


Most people have some moles, and generally they are benign and appear on the face and body. There are several different types and the tendency to develop moles can run in families. Some moles are flat and some can be raised. They are simply a collection of skin cells, blood vessels and sometimes pigment (colour) cells gathered together. All moles should be checked for stability by your GP prior to treatment.


The aim is to visibly reduce the appearance of the mole and amazing results can be obtained. A fine probe is used to apply heat energy to the surface of the mole, which seals off the blood supply and gently shrinks the mole. The mole is then left to heal usually over the next 7 to 14 days, how long will depend on the individuals own healing rate. It will change colour and shrink in size to form a crust. This is left to fall away naturally and only a pinkish mark is left, which will fade over time. Sometimes 2 or 3 treatments are required for each mole depending on how large and complex the mole was to begin with. In certain cases perfect results cannot be guaranteed and some hyper-pigmentation may remain.
*Disclaimer: All treatments are subject to suitability and GP consent, permanence of results is not guaranteed.  

Strict aftercare instructions are given and must be adhered to.

The area that has been treated will be sensitive to the sun for some time and it is highly recommended that a high factor good quality sunscreen, at least SPF 30, is used.